No matter which country of the world you are from, people are special in their own way. We are all unique, as are the cultures in which we live. We each possess our own sensations and sensitivities, our fundamental nature which defines us as individuals. We are all so alike, yet so different. Every day we reach across the boundaries of male and female, young and old, of race and other categories,to declare and enjoy the true beauty and pleasure of human existence. Every day we try to be our best, as is the essence of the human condition.


At YM FASHION, as we push ahead with creation, development and production, our commitment to the manufacture of quality clothing is absolute. Our earnest resolution to create original high quality clothing has led us to the lush tropical rainforests of Thailand, the only place where the superior dyeing and weaving techniques of the Thai people are found. Captivated by their unique skills, we opened a factory in Thailand 16 years ago, a factory which YM FASHION still owns and operates today. Most of our raw products come from this factory, but to absolutely ensure the high level of quality in our final products, all of our dyeing and finishing work is done in Japan.


Many clothing manufacturers produce fashions which only reflect today's trends - in essence clothing that is often devoid of creativity and originality. At YM FASHION we believe that a garment should be just as creative and original as its wearer. Much of our garments' originality stems from the discovery, selection and development of the fine materials we use. As material development is a particularly important theme in our mission to be original and creative, we channel much effort into the development of superior materials and weaving techniques, such as those we employ in Thailand. With a focus on natural fibers, our efforts span the traditional and the new, and the eastern and western fashion genres. What's more, we are constantly researching established techniques as well as investigating new ones, in order to further develop our materials.


One of the most critical fashion concepts, especially at our company, is that of color tone. The colors we desire are rarely found on existing fabrics and are particularly absent on dyed-yarn cotton and silk fabrics, all fabrics that we use abundance. Thus, we have opted to use a "reactive garment dyeing" technique in an effort to spawn our own original shades of color. This technique is a complex style of dyeing which penetrates deep into the fibers, actually changing the chemical makeup of material. At the onset, problems were encountered with deterioration such as fading.However, for the past 21 years we have been successfully creating high quality "reactive dyed"
garments. This effectively expands our color range to include almost a1l light and dark hues. Our wide selection of colors essentially liberates us from color restrictions, allowing YM FASHION to bring more than 300 colors into its fine garment selection.


Products for a fully coordinated look, centered on the use of natural materials, and characterized by products dyed in a rich color range, and an air of uniqueness. No particular target is required in terms of the age range or occupation of wearers. These are clothes for the woman that lives freely for the moment, letting her individuality shine through beautifully.

we have developed a total coordination range based on Italian materials and set off with materials from Japan to give off an air of high quality. The knitted items are knitted by hand in Italy. Representing the luxury-grade line of Yacco Maricard, this is a look that will take wearers to the smartest occasions.